Welcome tobij Odla Travels!
Odla Travels is een sister company of ODLA VOF. The “Organisatie voor Diensten en Leuke Activiteiten” (ODLA) exits for over 10 years now, and is THE organizer for parties, weddings, meetings and other events. We make up, organize and accompany events and trips for companies and private individuals. Whether it is about a wedding, babyshower, gender reveal party or your company’s trip, we insure you the best quality. Because love for the business and being personal are the heart of our company.

What to book at Odla Travels?
At Odla Travels you can book flights apartments, houses and hotels (in foreign countries). These can be sold separately or as a package deal.

Odla Travels is ready for you 24/7!
Have you found an accommodation that we don’t have in our listings? Not a problem at all, we like to take care of things for you.
Maybe you have questions about things you’re not sure about? No problem,  Odla Travels knows how to deal with them. We will find you a solution and will take care of everything for you.
All of the trips we offer, are tried by us or our environment so we know what quality we can offer and what we sell.
All countries, hotels and apartments but also restaurants are tried by us. This is how we can help you best.

You have no idea where to go this year, yet you already know your budget?
Please contact us so we can organize you a great vacation.

Our team consists of experienced organizers that will make your event, trip or vacation a succes. During the preparations of your event or trip, you always are in contact with the same organizer. That personal touch is very important to us. We feel committed to you event or trip and know all about it. For questions or problems you can always contact us. We love our jobs and are only happy, if you are!