You maybe know the expression: “See Naples and die”.
This expression wasn’t made up for nothing, because this beautiful city has more to offer than you can handle in one visit.




What to do in Napoli

  • Take a walk through the historical center. It’s a must do! There is so much to see, that it is impossible to accomplish in just one visit.
  • Visit the 13th century Duomo with a beautiful facade and the oldest baptistery of the western world (550 A.D.).
  • Take a stroll through the nice streets and over great squares and be surprised by the rich cultural treasures. Nowhere can you see so many churches, chapels, palaces and castles together in one city center. And what to think of the many museums, astonishing squares, idyllic parks and unexpected treasures?
  • Napoli Sotteranea, Napoli underground. Hidden away in a little side street of Via dei Tribunali you will find the entrance to a labyrinth of tunnels, storage cellars and sewers. This underground system of underground passageways was used by the Romans to distribute water in the city. You will go about 40 meters underground to walk through the Ancient Greek and Roman city on which Naples was built. Nobody know exactly how many tunnels and domes there are….!
  • Go shopping on the Via Roma and be amazed by the wonderful Italian designs.
  • Plunge into the night life and enjoy a real belcanto-show!
  • The is a hop-on-hop-off bus available in Napoli, which will take you to all sights in the city.

These are just a few axamples of what the city has to offer. We would love to help to provide you with all the information this great city has to offer!