Costa Rica has a little bit more than 4 million inhabitants, of which about 2 million  live in the central valley. More than 95% of the population consists of so called Mestizos (of mixed Indian and white origins) and white people. On the Caribbean coast mostly people with Caribbean origins live. In the reserves there are about 5000 Indians. The peaceful population has given itself the nickname Ticos or Ticas (voor women), that is also because of the phlegmatic attitude in a land of peace and quiet, and ‘dolce far niente’. The word “to rush” does not exist here, and it is possible that you will have to wait longer than you are used to in e.g. restaurants. Costa Ricans are proud people and at the moment you are angry or agitated, they turn around and walk away as if they do not care. They will just leave you there…

The official language in Costa Rica is Spanish, but you can manage with English in most places. Around Puerto Limón the language is an English dialect and in San José you can manage with English.

On cultural level, Costa Rica honestly doesn’t have a lot to offer. From the pre-Colombian time, some beautiful golden statues and jade artifacts remain, which can be seen in museums. Architectural, in Escazu and Liberia there still are streets to be found where you can find Spanish influences. In San José the National Theater was built between 1890 and 1897. You can enjoy a lot of Raggae music in Limón, but also merengue is very popular.

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